Enterprise Version

Introducing raga-llm-platform,(enterprise version of raga-llm-hub) for Large Language Model (LLM) evaluation and guardrails, designed to empower organizations to harness the full potential of LLMs securely and efficiently. Here’s what sets raga-llm-platform apart:

  1. Production Scale Analysis: Capable of handling over a million data points, raga-llm-platform is engineered for scalability and performance, ensuring your LLM evaluations keep pace with your data growth.

  2. State-of-the-Art Evaluation Methods and Metrics: Incorporating the latest advancements in LLM evaluation, raga-llm-platform provides comprehensive insights and benchmarks to measure and enhance model performance accurately.

  3. Issue Diagnosis and Remediation: Beyond evaluation, raga-llm-platform offers diagnostic tools and remediation strategies to identify and address LLM issues, optimizing your models for better outcomes.

  4. On-Prem/Private Cloud Deployment with Real-Time Streaming Support: raga-llm-platform fits seamlessly into your IT environment, offering both on-premises and private cloud deployment options along with real-time streaming capabilities for immediate analysis and action.

  5. Real-Time Evaluation and Guardrails: raga-llm-platform delivers continuous, real-time evaluation and enforcement of guardrails, ensuring your LLMs operate within ethical and operational boundaries at all times, without compromising performance.

Elevate your LLM evaluation and management strategy with raga-llm-platform.

To learn more and see how raga-llm-platform can benefit your organization, book a call with our team today. Discover the value of enterprise-grade LLM management tailored to your needs.

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