Ban Competitors

Scanner to detect competitors in a prompt. It uses a named-entity recognition model to extract organizations from the prompt and compares them to a list of competitors.

An effective competitor list should include:

  • The official titles of all recognized competitors.

  • Commonly used abbreviations or variations of these titles.

  • Any subsidiaries or affiliated brands of the competitors.

Ensuring the thoroughness and precision of this list is crucial for the efficacy of the scanning system.

Considerations and Constraints

  • Precision: The precision of competitor identification heavily relies on the capabilities of the Named Entity Recognition (NER) model and the inclusiveness of the competitor roster.

  • Contextual Awareness: The scanner might not grasp the full context surrounding a competitor's name, potentially resulting in excessive redaction.

  • Efficiency: The scanning procedure could introduce additional computational burden, particularly when dealing with extensive texts containing numerous entities.



  • prompt (str): Prompt to check for competitors.


  • competitors (Sequence[str]): List of competitors to detect.

  • threshold (float, optional): Threshold to determine if a competitor is present in the prompt. Default is 0.5.

  • redact (bool, optional): Whether to redact the competitor name. Default is True.


The values matching the names of competitors from the competitors list should be replaced with [REDACTED] in the output.


    data={"prompt""""Given the personal profile of Johnathan Edward Doe, please summarise the following resume:


- Full Name: Johnathan Edward Doe.
- Date of Birth: April 12, 1990.
- Address: 123 Elm Street, Springfield, IL, 62701.
- Email:
- Phone Number: (123) 456-7890.
- Educational Background:
    - Springfield High School, Graduated in 2008;
    - Springfield University, B.Sc. Computer Science, Graduated in 2012.
- Employment:
    - ABC Tech Solutions, Software Engineer, 2012-2015;
    - OpenAI, Senior Software Engineer, 2015-2021;
    - XYZ Global Systems, Senior Software Developer, 2015-2021.""",
    arguments = {"competitors" : ["XYZ Global Systems""OpenAI"]}

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