Executing tests

To execute a test, use the following code in the Python client:

from RagaAICatalyst import Experiment

experiment_manager = Experiment(

response = experiment_manager.add_metrics(
        {"name": "hallucination", "config": {"model": "gpt-4"}},
        {"name": "prompt_readability", "config": {"model": "gpt-4"}},
        {"name": "correctness", "config": {"model": "gpt-3.5-turbo"}}

print("Metric Response:", response)

You can add as many metrics as needed based on your use case or application. RagaAI Catalyst offers various metrics specific to prompts, responses, context, evaluation, and guardrails. [Refer to the Metric Glossary for more details].

Once the test is executed, you can view it inside the project where the experiment was created. Click on "View Experiment" to explore the insights of the experiment run.

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