RagaAI Metric Library

This section highlights all the different kinds of evaluation metrics and guardrails available on the RagaAI platform.

Metrics are essential tools for quantifying and qualifying insights derived from runs. They are aggregated to provide a comprehensive view across multiple runs or an entire project. At RagaAI, our metrics are designed to automate and standardise the evaluation of generative AI applications, ensuring that teams can consistently organise around a unified evaluation framework.

Key Benefits of RagaAI Metrics:

  1. Automation and Standardisation: RagaAI metrics streamline the evaluation process, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistency across evaluations.

  2. Comprehensive Insights: By aggregating metrics across runs and projects, RagaAI provides a holistic view of performance and areas for improvement.

  3. Customisability: Our metrics framework is flexible, allowing teams to incorporate any relevant metrics tailored to their specific projects or runs.

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