Begin your journey into AI testing with the RagaAI public sandbox in four easy steps -

  1. Signing Up and Installation

  2. Explore Preloaded Projects and Datasets

  3. Explore Test Results

  4. Execute your own Test!

1. Sign Up and Installation

Step 1: Create Your RagaAI Account

  • Create you account on RagaAI's public sandbox here.

  • Provide your details and sign up for an account.

  • Confirm your email address through the verification link sent to your inbox.

Step 2: Accessing RagaAI

  • Once your account is active, log in to the RagaAI dashboard.

  • Access the guided tour to familiarise yourself with the user interface and available features.

2. Explore Preloaded Projects and Datasets

  • Access Projects: On your dashboard, you'll see a list of projects. Each represents a unique AI application / use-case. Select any such project to perform a deep dive.

Home - The Project selection page
  • Explore a Run: Every Run represents the execution of the test suite on a set of datasets and model. Select a Run to view all tests performed.

Runs - Every run of the RagaAI Test Suite on a group of datasets and models

3. Explore Test Results

Access Test Results: On the summary page, click view iterations and view results to explore test results for a specific dataset and model.

Summary of all tests executed in a test run

Note: An in-depth companion piece to every project and every test run is available on the sandbox guide.

4. [Advanced] Execute your own Test!

Step 1: Start the Test Run

  • Navigate to the RagaAI dashboard and open your project.

  • Click on the 'Initiate Run' button located towards the right side of the dashboard.

RagaAI - Initiate a new test

Step 2: Access Keys Popup

  • A popup will appear displaying the Access Key and Secret Key.

  • These keys are crucial as they link the Google Colab file to your RagaAI account and the specific project you are working on.

RagaAI - Get you Access Key and Sceret Access Key

Step 3: Launch the Colab Notebook

  • Click on the 'Try It' button within the popup.

  • This action will open a new tab with a Google Colab notebook preloaded with the necessary code cells for executing the test.

Step 4: Enter Your Access Keys

  • In the Colab notebook, locate the cell titled 'Put your ACCESS KEY & SECRET KEY'.

  • Replace the placeholder text with your actual Access Key and Secret Key provided in the popup.

Step 5: Execute the Colab Cells

  • The first cell typically contains the command to install the RagaAI testing platform library using pip. Run this cell to install the required library in your Colab environment.

  • After setting your Access Key and Secret Key, proceed to the cell labeled 'Import All raga lib from raga module' and run it to import the necessary modules.

  • Set up a Run: This cell contains the code to initialise a test session with parameters like project name, run name, and your keys. Running this cell will start the test run using the onboarded dataset.

  • Run Tests: These cells contains the code to execute the different available tests. Alter the parameters like threshold, metric, etc and execute the cell

Visualising Results

Once the test is complete, you can easily visualise the results. Navigate back to our platform's user interface (UI). Inside the Runs tab, you'll find a new run containing results for the tests executed by you.

Next Steps

An in-depth companion piece to every project and every test run is available on the sandbox guide. We hope this Quickstart Guide helps you take the first step towards efficient AI model testing with the RagaAI sandbox.

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